We pray you experience the power of God while learning about us and the myriad of ministries that are part of our mission. For 100+ years, God has been saving, teaching, transforming, guiding and using the Strawbridge people & community for His own glory. Please visit us whenever you have the opportunity and feel free to send us a message or prayer request using the contact portal below.

Our Mission: We develop and empower spiritual leaders and commission them to transform the communities they serve.

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Daily Devotion and Weekly Worship is essential to the believer's faith. To truly be a Disciple, every Christian actively participate in the following five tenets:

  • Celebrate - either thru worship or other means;

  • Connect - enjoy the company & conversation with others;

  • Share - knowledge, resources, testimonies, gifts and talents;

  • Serve - this is the hallmark of Christ's love;

  • Develop - essential to full faith and sanctification;



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Check out our Facebook page for information regarding upcoming events, guests, missions and more! Feel free to comment on our wall with any questions and/or praise reports. We would be blessed to hear from you!

Also, tune into our Livestream Sunday’s at 10:30 am! We will host a weekly webcast of our services for those who are unable to attend but would still like to worship with us. Also, feel free to revisit any past sermons by Amb Blango Ross, Jr.

Visit our conference website for leadership events and workshops! We belong to the Baltimore-Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church, along with various other United Methodist churches in the area.

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Giving has been an important part of our faith even at its founding. In Genesis 14:20, we find Abram [aka Abraham] gave a tenth of everything he had to Melchizedek, the king of Salem and priest to God Most High. Abram established the tithe as part of worship; one knows this is worship because Melchizedek served the bread and wine (verse 18). Through online giving, we continue the tradition and faith practice, as we never want to miss an opportunity to be like Christ.


Obeying God and fulfillment in what He calls us to do involves sharing our selves, our talents and our substance. We honor the Savior by sharing now: 

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